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Decisions Decisions!

Our Prez has asked that I try posting something of a series based on my fishing excursions.  Due to the “season of life” I reluctantly find myself in, about every other Saturday is open with a choice between fishing and doing much needed chores around the house.  I think I have opted for fishing every single time.  Sometimes it’s with one or more friends-sometimes just me and my thoughts.  We’ll see how this goes, but for now we’ll call it “Wonderings”.  And, no, I didn’t misspell “wandering”.

Have you ever had one of those times when you’ve been faced with a dilemma of which activity to choose?  Sure you have!  We all have.  One recent early Fall Saturday I had just such a quandary.  I had planned to fish, but no one else was available to go and the weather forecast was looking pretty lousy.  Not just rain, but lots of it!  I imagined the streams would be blown out and my time would be wasted.  I went to bed Friday night still undecided, but leaning toward staying in to get some housework done.  Early the next morning I was wide awake, and figured I’d go ahead and get up.  I had coffee and breakfast.  I read some.  I checked the TV schedule and found nothing worth watching all day (imagine that).  I piddled around.  Then I finally decided I’d go fishing to keep from being bored and going crazy.  After all who was I kidding?  I wasn’t going to work around the house anyway.

So I threw some gear in the vehicle and headed up the mountain.  Drizzle and light rain met me as I got closer to my intended destination, and I thought, “This may be just right!”  After rigging up I got in the water about 11:30.  Immediately I started catching pretty wild fish-Browns and Bows-6 in the first run alone.  I started noticing that the rain wasn’t too heavy, then got in sort of a zone and noted that it was a pretty day, despite the rain.  The leaves had just begun changing, with a few yellow ones in and along the stream that were just slightly brighter than the yellows on the Browns.
Within a few minutes the weather went sliding downhill of course.  The rain began in earnest and pretty much continued for the rest of the time I was there.  But the fishing never slowed down, so I really didn’t care.  It was one of those days when you cast your fly to every likely looking piece of “nervous” water and, Bam!, there’s another one.  All gorgeous and wild fish willing to take my fraudulent little offering without a second thought.  I even got to fish the same dry/dropper combination for the entire time.  Nope.  I didn’t mind the rain one bit.  About three hours after I started I got to the end of my usual stretch for that area.  By now the water was pretty off-color and really rolling, easily 3-4 inches higher than when I started.  But It had been a good day.  No.  It had been a great day!  I was glad I had elected to go, as it was obviously the correct choice.  I went home satisfied and refreshed.  I even got just a little housework done after hanging all my gear to dry.

When you have one of those times when you’re faced with a dilemma, sometimes your choice is the right one…..sometimes not.  But, when it comes to fishing, “You never know ‘til you go!”

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