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Stone Mountain Chapter Of T U Has New Web-Site

Hope everyone has had a chance to hit the water for some fishing the last few weeks. The weather hasn’t been for the faint of heart, but it has been nice to see the rain and the streams are looking the best I have seen in some time. I hope this is the start of a better year as far as water flows are concerned as we have seen terribly low conditions for the last several years.

As the title would imply, this is the first entry of the new SMTU web-site. It took us awhile to get it going and will take more time to get up and running at full tilt, but we plan on making it one our chapter can be proud of as well as being functional. I feel our web designer has made us a tool that will not only give us the ability to keep you better informed but will be a tool for communication between all our members. Our recent meetings have been a mix of ideas and suggestions as to how we can create more participation from our members and one of the things we felt to be important for the future of our chapter was a web-site people could not only visit but be a part of. I hope you will enjoy what we have done here and be sure to use it as a tool for your cold water conservation and become more involved for the coming year.

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