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Some Fly Fishing Suggestions For January

As someone who has been fishing for many years and in some very cold weather I would like to take some time to caution everyone and give them some cold weather tips to help make their fishing more enjoyable. January can be a great time to catch fish on nymphs, and dry flies when the temps move up above the mid 40’s, but if you are miserable because of the cold it won’t matter. I have found that dressing in layers is the best way to hit the stream in winter months so adjustments can easily be made. The first layer should be thin, next can be the layer of fleece, and last but not least should be the layer that is not only warm but blocks the wind and rain if need be. Fleece is one of the warmest materials besides wool I have found, but does little to stop wind. I even layer the bottom half of my body adding layers for lower temps and while still using my breathable waders to stop the wind and of course keep out the water. By layering you can take off or add as the weather dictates. Being to warm and sweating can cause problems if the weather turns colder or as the sun goes down so again layering can help avoid this problem. One other thing many fly fishers forget is to stay hydrated in cold weather. If you drink several cups of coffee before you hit the stream be sure to drink an adequate amount of water too. 

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