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Our March Speaker

Our speaker will be Jack Cummings so it promises to be entertaining. What follows is Jack’s journey into fly casting and fishing in his own words.

Over 50 years ago when I was a kid a fly rod was just another way to catch fish. The Paul Young’s were always there along with the spinning and bait rods right along with the old long cane poles with the red and white bobbers.
In the early 1980’s I chose the long rod over cocktails when I hit the road as a sales person. I didn’t want to become a sodden lounge lizard and instead became a trout junky. I soon found that wool suits don’t wrinkle too badly from the pressure of Red Ball bootfoot waders and left me semi-presentable for the next sales call!
The job allowed me many hours and days to follow runs and hatches all over Michigan and surrounding areas.  It also took me occasionally to salt water destinations and to other states for trade shows or sales meetings. I never went anywhere without a fly rod along.
I spent a long vacation for 12 years running out west to fish famous rivers like the Madison, Henrys Fork and the like. If you haven’t yet you MUST got out there even if you don’t fish. The scenery along would make for a fine, memorable vacation.
In all of my fly fishing I always seemed to gravitate towards the graceful and talented casters and picked their brains to pieces to know how it is done. Between that and a few casting competitions I was hooked on the pure art of fly casting in all of its shapes and forms. This led to a too-big library of books and videos and to going to any casting class that I could find.
All of this led to my becoming an FFF Certified Casting Instructor about 10 years ago. Getting my CCI didn’t quench my thirst for learning more about casting nor didn’t lessen the passion I have for trying to help make marginal or new casters good and good caters better. The journey continues and grows as I share as I can my love of fly fishing and fly casting and help people become more proficient at both. I’m fond of saying that there’s no downside to casting well. You will lose fewer flies and catch more fish, it’s that simple!

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