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Our April Speaker

Our April speaker will be Laura England who we will be working with on the Hardin Creek restoration project. Laura will be talking about how our chapter can help and we look forward to working with her and many others.

Laura England is passionate about water. From her master’s research in trout streams of north Georgia to seven years working on water issues in the non-profit sector, Laura has long been interested in connections between land and water. As Outreach Programs Director for Wisconsin Wetlands Association, Laura developed and coordinated programs for diverse audiences, from scientists and professionals, to developers and builders, to school teachers and children. She currently teaches introductory environmental science courses in the departments of Sustainable Development and Biology at Appalachian State University where she shares her interest in water and watershed issues with undergraduates.

Laura continues to be committed to outreach as a faculty member, and is coordinating the Hardin Creek Restoration Partnership, a diverse and vibrant community partnership that is interested in restoring Hardin Creek, a tributary to the New River, as a community and natural amenity. She will discuss the history of the project, the status of the creek itself, next steps, and opportunities for Trout Unlimited members to get involved.

Laura is a North Carolina native who loves to hike, sing and play with her two small children. More about Laura is online here: http://sd.appstate.edu/faculty/laura-england

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