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Noted Fly Tyer At September Meeting

We have a special guest as our speaker for the September the 1st meeting. Anthony Hipps will be presenting a program for us and I know everyone will want to attend. Anthony is great fly tyer and is sought after as a program presenter. Please don’t miss this one as you will have missed a wealth of information and guidance. Here are just a few of Anthony’s accomplishments;

Anthony served as the Federation OF Fly Fishers-Southeastern Council (FFF-SEC) Conclave Fly Tying Co-Chair 2004-2007 and is 2010 FFF-SEC Conclave Chairman. Anthony has served on the FFF- Southeastern Council Board of Directors and tied flies at the FFF-SEC conclaves since 1999. He is a professional speaker, tier and tying instructor having taught numerous fly tying seminars. He has served as president, vice-president, and program chairman of his local club, the Nat Greene Fly Fishers in Greensboro, NC. Anthony has been nationally recognized for his spun deer-hair bass flies, smallmouth bass nymphs, saltwater streamers and especially his unique soft-bodied foam poppers, divers and sliders. In 2004 he was a featured bonefish fly tier on the Outdoor Life Network’s Fly Fish TV Magazine. Fly Tyer Magazine published Anthony’s article on tying his unique soft-bodied popper in the summer 2006 issue. Since then Anthony has authored 4 additional articles in Fly Tyer Magazine (Soft Bodied Frogs, Jig Flies, Hipps Hellcraw Nymph, and Soft Bodied Divers).

So be sure to mark your calendars for this one. We will meet, as usual, at the Foothills Arts Council Building in Elkin NC at 7:00 pm. If you are not familiar with Elkin call me for directions or even better find it here on our web-site. See ya’ there.


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