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Dick Everhart and myself went to the recent meeting in Morganton to find out about the North Carolina Wildlife Action Plan. It is basically a plan offered to developers to get a stamp of approval from these groups if they meet certain criteria of wildlife habitat and maintain that habitat. Buffers along mountain streams was one of the main focuses of this meeting and is why NCTU was involved. This program will be a state wide venture though, involving groups in all areas and will focus on the needs in each groups specific area but will include some type of body of water from mountains to coast. The goal is to protect our most valuable resource which of course is our water. Dick and I will keep our chapter up to date on the progress of this new venture and I am proud to say Mr. Everhart will represent us on the board getting this program going. I will also get Doug Besler, who is regional supervisor of the division of inland fisheries, to come and talk some more to our chapter to further explain the concept. I would also like to invite everyone to visit a very interesting web-site that will shed some more light on the subject. http://www.ncwildlife.org/greengrowth. I will also post any other link information as I receive it.


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