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Fishing The Reddies River Delayed Harvest Section

I usually target wild trout streams when I get a chance to go fly fishing but I had a few hours after church to hit the delayed harvest section on the Reddies River here in North Wilkesboro so I couldn’t resist a chance to wet a line. This is the new C&R section from Robbies down to were the Reddies River enters the Yadkin River. In just a couples hours I managed to catch and release 21 trout. It was a good mix of browns, bows and brookies. The biggest fish was a 12 inch rainbow with the rest being about standard size, 8 to 10 inches. There are some fresh fish in from the recent stocking so the fish weren’t that particular about the fly selection. I did notice some rising fish but didn’t take the time to change from the nymphs I fished the whole time I was there. I saw blue winged olives, crane flies, and alot of midges. There seems to be alot of bug life in that section despite the fact that it is far from pristine. Fish seem to be holding mostly at the end of riffle sections and along seems were fast and slow water meet. They also seem to be pretty well spread out in the areas I have mentioned. If you fish this water please be careful because there are some deep pools and some areas were you could get stuck in the silt so try to avoid these areas. As far as I could tell these areas didn’t hold fish anyway. Good luck.

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