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New Trout Fishing Opportunities

Be sure and go to “Cold Water Fish Management News” and check out Kevin Hinnings latest news for some new opportunities in our area.

Mount Airy Middle School Trout in the Classroom

Dick Everhart, representing the Stone Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited, delivers the eggs for Mount Airy Middle Schools first TIC project which will be under the direction of Jeannie Noble in the Science Department. Pictured is Mr. Everhart with the trout eggs and some of the students helping with the project. Also shown are the actual eggs which the students are responsible for taking care of and hopefully hatching into trout. In the Spring, if all goes well, the students will then release their rainbow trout into the East Prong of Roaring River in Stone Mountain State Park.

Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image

TIC Release Video

I apologize for not having this for our members sooner. I have had it for a couple months now but it has been a very hectic summer. I plan on getting this moved to its on section of the front page. As you can tell this was a great day for the kids and for our members. Thanks again to East Wilkes Middle School students, Russell Sparks and Shelly Somers for all their help to make our first TIC Project a success.


Stream Clean Up & BBQ Cookout

Our chapter will be having a Stream Clean Up on the North Fork of the New River August, 28th with a start time around nine in the morning. After we get the trash out of a section of the river we will be having a stream-side BBQ. All of this is possible with the help of the National Committee for the New River. Cortney Waite, from the NCNR, again has been gracious enough to set this up along with the help of our very on Scott Frye. More info to come about meet points to drive up and the area we will clean. To help out call Scott Frye at 336-409-2429.

Mount Airy Kid’s Fun Day

We will meet at 9:00 Saturday at the park in Mount Airy. The address given to me by the recreation department to get directions is 270 Riverside Dr., Mount Airy, NC 27030. Hope to see everyone there.

Wlkesboro Kid’s Fishing Day and Stream Clean Sweep

Stone Mountain Trout Unlimited is staying busy in the community with the help and partnership of other organizations. Our “Kid’s Fishng Day” was another success with the help of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission and our very own fisheries biologist, Kevin Hinning. Kevin is shown stocking trout the day before our 6th annual fishing day. You can’t deny the fact, as this young angler shows, that the kid’s (and parents) enjoy this event. We hope some day a few of these kid’s grow up and want to help other young people learn more about angling and will one day join SMTU and help in conservation of streams so trout can continue to live in the wild.

We also had another “Stream Clean Sweep” with the help of the National Committee for the New River’s very own Courtney Waite. This girl has enough energy for everyone, which is good since we aren’t as young as we once were. We cleaned up another stretch of the Upper New and ended up with to canoe loads of various trash. Thanks to both organizations for helping us continue our mission to educate and give back to the resource that is so important to our communities.

Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image

Stream Clean Up on South Fork of New River Near Boone

We will once again be partnering with the folks from NCNR and will be cleaning up a stretch of the South Fork of the New River…..Next Saturday, April 17!
I have the time now as well as the date, hope to see everyone there. Members are welcomed to bring a friend or more to help, all are welcomed.

We will meet at 9:00 to start the adventure.  NCNR will provide boats to haul trash in as well as gloves. 

Directions to the meeting spot are as follows:
US421 NB
Just before entering Boone proper, you will cross the South Fork.
Take a left on the road immediately past the bridge after crossing the river.
Continue on this road until you come to a low-water bridge.  There is parking there around the bridge.


Trout in the Classroom Presentation

Our meeting for April will hopefully be the one when we get out TIC presentation done. Be sure to check the April Newsletter for other dates and hope to see everyone at the April meeting.

TIC Presentation for March Meeting

The TIC meeting will be re-scheduled for next month due to inclement weather.

February Scheduled Presenters

Due to the sketchy weather for tomorrow nights meeting our presenters will be rescheduled for next months meeting. This was to be the ladies from East Wilkes Middle School who are our first TIC participants. We may also try to set up a presentation later this month at EWMS so the girls can meet there Envirothon dead line and I will post the time and date for that. So be sure and check back with us late this week.

Stone Mountain TU Makes News With TIC Program

Recently Stone Mountain TU made the front page of the Wilkes Journal Patriot with our Trout in the Classroom Program we have at East Wilkes Middle School. Thanks to everyone for their help especially the teachers and students participating. Keep up the good work.


Stone Mountain TU’s 1st “Trout in the Classroom”

Got some pictures I wanted to share on the setup and the receiving of the Brook Trout eggs at East Wilkes Middle School. First is the setup a couple weeks ago on a Saturday at the middle school. Shown below in the first picture are some of the people involved in this including SMTU members, grade school kids from a chapter member and the science teachers overseeing the program. Second picture has the adults helping to set the tank up and include Bob Pearson-treasurer, Jeff Payne-president, Shelly Somers-science department, Russell Sparks-science department, and Keith Cockerham-banquet chairman. Move forward to November the 30th and the young ladies in charge of monitoring the water quality of the new born brook trout first remove any dead eggs in the third picture with the help of Mr. Sparks. All five of the girls took turns doing this and were very careful removing the dead eggs. The fourth picture shows a student placing the eggs in their new home and the final picture shows the eggs in the basket they will be in till they swim over the top of the rim to the aquarium. The girls really enjoyed their work and when one of the trout hatched out of an egg they all crowded around to watch. I think the trout will be in good hands.

Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image
Stone Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited image

Stone Mountain Fishing Report - 10/25/09

Fished Stone Mountain Sunday afternoon from 4:45-7:00pm.  Water level was up and flowing well.  Fished East Prong only.  Hooked four trout and only landed two.  One was 6”-7” wild rainbow and the other appeared to be a naturalized brown trout measuring 10”-11”.  Missed a couple of large stockers on the dry fly.  Caught one on the dry and one on a #14 Prince Nymph.  Saw no other fisherman in the section that I fished which probably indicated that I was on the wrong stretch of stream.  Did not see many other fish in the 1/4 mile stretch that I fished.  I did enjoy getting on the stream for the first time in several months.  Look forward to returning soon smile 


Smokies ‘09 Fall Trip

A great time was had on the Smokies trip!  Bob, Keith, Jeff and I spent a few days astream amid the gorgeous and rapidly changing Fall colors.  We were able to fish several area streams, large and small-including a really great stream just full of specks.  Bright wild fish were caught all throughout our time there, some nice ones-though nothing just huge.  But if you fish solely to catch large fish or large numbers of them, you’re missing the best part of it all in my opinion.  It reminds me of a quote by Rafael Sabatini: “Only those become weary of angling who bring nothing to it but the idea of catching fish.”.  Look closely at your surroundings while you’re out.  The beauty of the created world is truly astounding!  And carefully study each fish brought to hand and see it for the jewel it is. Then let it slip back into it’s element.  The GSMNP is a fantastic place to find great beauty in both fauna and flora.  Mile after mile of productive wild trout streams and wild places to explore and enjoy.  It’s a bit different than our local area-it’s more lush and fertile.  One of the guys commented on the many and varied bugs they had seen on the streams.  I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoyed their time there.  We’ll go back too, Lord willing.  In fact, there was already the beginnings of a plan for a Spring trip even before this one ended.  I’ll close with a few photos from the trip.  They’re OK, but they don’t begin to compare with seeing it firsthand.  Here’s to never growing weary of angling!
Fall Colors

SMTU Smokies Fishing Trip

We are trying to get together a trip for October the 8th through 11th. Scott is organizing it and we will be headed to the Smokies to do some Fall fishing. His contact number is 336-961-3115 and all members are invited. If there isn’t enough interest we will try again in the Spring.

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